BSR Marketing + Amazon Solution Providers

We’re proud to announce that BSR Marketing is now listed with Amazon’s solution providers network!

Amazon’s network of third-party solution providers helps sellers reach new marketplaces and expand globally. We’re included in the Advertising Optimization section, which includes providers who help brands grow through sponsored Amazon ads.

The team at BSR Marketing has years of experience with Amazon marketing and ad campaigns. We’ve been here as the marketplace has evolved, and we’ve evolved our products and ad campaigns along with it. We continue to pay close attention to Amazon so that we can continually make improvements to our process and services. Most of all, we pride ourselves on our customized, hands-on approach, and we feel that each client should be treated individually.

Our PPC specialists work with clients to optimize content, improve back-end optimization, and expand internationally.Services include:

  • Bid Optimization: We compare your products against your competition and suggest bids that will help land you placement on page one. Our goal is to increase impressions, clicks and sales.
  • Keyword Optimization: We remove keywords that are not driving sales and replace them with keywords that are highly relevant to your specific products.
  • Targeted Ad Campaigns: We organize your ad campaigns by description, keywords, and products to increase relevant clicks at the best cost possible.

See our listing here and let us know how we can help you and your business. We have affordable packages to choose from, and we can help you decide on the best one based on your advertising needs.

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