Amazon Prime Members Purchase More Frequently on Mobile

New research shows that Amazon Prime members are visiting and buying from the e-commerce platform at a remarkable rate. According to Feedvisor, specialists in algorithms for the e-commerce industry, nearly half of all Amazon Prime members – 46 percent ­– make a purchase on Amazon one or more times a week.  Prime members prefer mobile shopping most frequently.

The Survey

According to Feedvisor, Amazon Prime members shop two times more than non-Prime members.

The survey, conducted along with PR company Walker Sands Communications, showed that 85% of Prime members visit the website one or more times per week, and 31% of Prime members visit the website every day. (When it comes to non-Prime members, only 56% visit Amazon weekly.) Of those 85% of Prime members, 46% make purchases each week and 6% of them make purchases every day.

The survey’s 1,576 respondents were Amazon shoppers in the United States, and 65% of them were Prime members. Learn more here.

Mobile Shopping

The Feedvisor survey delved into the devices that respondents use to shop online, and not just when it comes to shopping on Amazon.

They found that 51% of shoppers use their desktop and 47% use a mobile device, with the remaining 2% falling into an “other” category. Amazon Prime members prefer mobile ­– 50% of them use mobile for online shopping, while only 41% of non-Prime members shop via mobile.

Amazon Prime members are also more likely than non-Prime members to use the Amazon app: of the 50% of Prime members who prefer mobile, approximately 25% of them use the app, while just 14% of mobile non-Prime shoppers use the app.

Increased Engagement

Amazon’s engagement rates have been climbing, with weekly visits from Prime members rising to 85% in 2017, an increase of 10 percentage points since 2016. Even though weekly visits from non-Prime members is lower overall, they’ve increased as well, going from 32% in 2016 to 56% in 2017.

Purchases have also increased, with 46% of Prime members ordering weekly in 2017 compared to 30% in 2016. Among non-Prime members, weekly purchases increased from 4% in 2016 to 13% in 2017.

Search and Shopping Habits

The survey respondents said that the primary reason they visit Amazon is to price-compare, and the results were pretty much the same for both Prime and non-Prime members (51% of Prime members and 50% of non-Prime members said they use Amazon to price-shop for specific products). According to the survey, 44% of respondents use Amazon to check prices, 25% use other e-commerce websites and 18% use Google.

The survey also went into Amazon-specific search habits, finding that 75% of respondents use the Amazon search box and that 60% of shoppers continue past the first page of search results. Additionally, 54% of shoppers read the complete product description.

What makes a shopper move forward with a purchase, though? The survey showed that the three main influences on Amazon purchases are low prices, free shipping and positive reviews.

It’s no secret that Amazon is incredibly popular – they cornered one-third of online sales on Cyber Monday – and that their influence is only growing.


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